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RS-5000 Swivel Reel Stand

As a former fleet repair technician, I have been around a lot of large cable spools and reels.  I noticed that to get the larger reels on a truck, you needed to load a stationary spool on a flatbed, or purchase a utility truck or trailer with spools built into them. These trailers would be single purpose and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

That's when I decided to improve upon the design by fabricating a spool that was versatile, durable, and affordable.

Meet the RS-5000 Swivel Reel Stand.

The RS-5000 Swivel Reel is the stand that moves with you. The wheel measure 56" x 56" x 56" and is made to hold up to 5000 lbs and a max reel size of 72" x 48".  With a smooth 360 degree rotation, you can easily pull in any direction.  When you're ready to go, simply lock the unit in place, load it onto a flatbed truck or trailer and go!  With the freedom to load this reel onto your flatbed trailer or truck and easy 360 degree turning, the RS-5000 Swivel Reel Stand is designed to save you time and money on your next project.

If you're a smaller company and would like to hitch to the back of a work vehicle, we also fabricate a design on a single axle. Either way, this swivel reel is the right one for you.

If you're ready to invest in a durable, time saving, high capacity large cable spool, contact us at:

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RS-5000 swivel Reel stand

-56" x 56" x 56"

-5000 lb Capacity

-Supports 72" Spool

-High Grade Steel

-Powder Coated

-Smooth 360 turning

-Locks every 90 Degrees